Ubisoft Legend Game

The world's first true blockchain game


"Ubisoft Legend" issue purpose

The Ubisoft Legend team will continue to develop and globally operate the Ubisoft currency through the first coin-issuance project. The Ubisoft will continue to invest in the R&D, global operation, team building, marketing, and Game ecological construction, etc.

Multi-language, multi-currency support

The "Ubisoft Legend" platform is currently in Chinese, and we will soon be available in English, French, Korean, Russian and other languages ​​to fully satisfy the gaming experience of users from different countries and regions. At the same time, with the continuous development of "Ubisoft Legend", the team will continue to develop and launch multi-terminal device support, including but not limited to PC, VR, AP and so on.

Platform common currency use

"Ubisoft Legend" can be used as a currency for all games released on the "Ubisoft Legend" platform. Trading exchanges are not subject to any restrictions and will be used for a variety of purposes as the platform evolves in the future.

Technology Architecture

system framework

The vision of the Ubisoft Legend platform is to create a blockchain gaming environment based on smart contracts. In the application layer "Ubisoft Legend" shows the decentralized wallet and game platform. In the continuous development of the platform, while paying attention to the game experience, we have not neglected the protection of the player's assets. The core data and logic of the game are managed and regulated by smart contracts to ensure the openness of the game, data traceability can be checked, and malicious tampering is prevented.

Relay technology: Polkadot and COSMO

The relay technology transfers the tokens in the original chain into the original chain address similar to the multi-signature control, and temporarily locks them. The result of the transaction on the relay chain will be voted by these signers to determine whether it is valid. Typical relay technologies include Polkadot, COSMOS.

Hash Lock Technology: Lighting SEwork

Hash lock is a mechanism for completing the transaction by time-locking the cryptographic hash value proof that the receiver generates the payment before a certain appointed moment. However, the hash lock support has fewer functions and can support cross-chain asset exchange. Most scenarios support asset collateral but do not support cross-chain asset transfers and contracts.

Distributed private key control technology: WanChain

UBFT completes the connection and value exchange of different blockchain books in a distributed manner. It adopts a common cross-chain protocol and records distributed ledgers for cross-chain transactions and intra-chain transactions. The public chain, private chain or alliance chain can all access the SE chain to realize the connection of different blockchain books and the cross-book of assets. Transfer.

Notary Technology: Ripple Interledger Agreement

The notary mechanism means that a group of trusted nodes act as notaries to verify that a particular event on chain Y occurs to the node of chain X. A typical notary mechanism includes the Interledger proposed by SE Labs.

Multi-chain fusion

The development of the existing underlying public chain project focuses on how to improve transaction capacity and transaction speed, ignoring the problem of “locking” of the platform that has emerged. For example, Alice and Bob have Bitcoin clients installed on their devices, and they can only transfer Bitcoin on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Application scenario

Game free trade

Provide the fastest transaction matching engine for decentralized exchanges, making transactions safer and more real-time, and improving transaction liquidity.

Game encrypted chat

End-to-end encryption using the blockchain, database file encryption, the server does not leave traces, will not be crawled. ID number login can be used, no need to bind any personal information, will not reveal your privacy, chat information can be deleted in both directions. Ensure customer privacy and backbone encryption run.

Game equipment contract

Unlike blockchain-based payment systems such as Bitcoin, SE is an SE-based electronic contract system in which a user and a user sign a contract with a private key to complete the transfer of digital assets. In fact, Ubisoft can be used to sign any electronic contract.

Game acceleration experience

Providing faster and more stable network transmission services for intelligent hardware, and reducing power consumption by 10 times, greatly expanding the application field of the Internet of Things.

Yubi Equity

The UBFT acquired on the Ubisoft legend can be traded freely on the exchange. The value of UBFT is equal to that of Ubisoft. As the players and the market expand, the price will rise accordingly.

Other application scenarios

UBFT's user assets can be used freely in the game, and can be traded freely on the exchange. The game equipment is also the property's certificate, which is automatically recorded through the game electronic contract. Make sure the game property is safe.

route map

End 2019

  • Engine: Nano (new adaptive network equalizer module) v1.0 deployment
  • Transfer: OMNDYT v1.0 deployment (distributed)
  • Operating system: mpi (anonymous publishing interface) v1.0 boot
  • Application: UBFT v1.0 release (distributed)
  • Economy: initial sales of tokens with erc20 tokens and efficient sales models
  • It is expected to release a total of 100 million tokens within six months;
  • Community: Community integration by 5 100000 people

Mid 2020

  • Engine: raccm (received perceptual congestion control module) v1.0 deployment
  • Transfer: oftp v1.0 deployment (distributed)
  • Operating system: frpci (fast remote procedure call interface) startup
  • Application: White Hole v1.0 Release (Distributed Dark Network Foundation Protocol)
  • Economy: UBFT tokens are sold to the community through the UBFT system and the total amount is controlled.
  • Community: Open up node communities in North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, Middle East, South America, and provide a foundation for deploying pan-global online game nodes

End 2020

  • Engine: Dark fog anti-review module v1.0 starts (available)
  • Transfer: orcp v1.0 deployment (POS)
  • Operating system: sti (streaming interface) v1.0
  • Application: White Hole v1.5 Release (Distributed Dark Network Foundation Protocol)
  • Community: A total of 100 100,000 people in the world have been integrated, and Ubisoft’s equity can be traded freely on the exchange.

End 2021

  • Engine: Local Awareness Node Discovery Module v1.0 Deployment (Distributed)
  • Transfer: oftp v1.5 deployment (POW)
  • Operating system: sti (cross-dimensional streaming message interface, decentralized support) v1.5
  • Application: Dark side v1.0 release (dark network distributed anonymous posture maintenance service)
  • Economy: SEchain Camouflage Host v1.0 Deployment
  • Community: A total of 200 100,000 global members and miners community

Mid 2022

  • Engine: Leading nat horizontal module v1.0 deployment
  • Transmission: omtp v1.5 (POW) defocus deployment
  • Operating system: mpi v1.5 (POW)
    mpi v1.5 (POW)
  • Application: Dark surface v1.5 release (dark network distributed anonymous gesture maintenance service)
  • Community: Establish 300 anti-reviewed dark fog DAPPs in the three major trades of the whole dark network, and the economic scale reaches 15% of the total dark network.

End 2022

  • Engine: cross-dimensional sensing node discovery module v1.5 deployment (scattered)
  • Transfer: oftp v2.0 deployment (update)
  • Operating system: sti v2.0 deployment (POW)

End 2023

  • Engine: The new "Silk Road" extremely close review trade module v1.0 deployment (anti-ASIC hash heart)
  • Transport: omtp v2.0 (scattered) deployment
  • Operating system: mpi v2.0 (scattered)
  • Application: ochatv 3.0 released (scattered)
  • Economy: UBFT achieves free trading and brings the value of UBFT to a new level through the participation of global community players.
  • Community: By occupying North American and European markets, 2 million community game members are achieved, accounting for 40% of the game market share

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